The band

Vocals Dave Valentine
Vocals Ian Nicol ( 1966 )
Percussion Raymond James
Guitar Jim Marshall
Guitar Sandy Lax
Bass Guitar John Cross

The boys had met and got to know each other over their first few years at Broughton High School. Lunchtimes eventually became a get together time spent around an old upright piano in a small room in the school annexe that housed the English Dept.

Through those lunchtime gatherings  they discovered a mutual interest in the music of the day and were fascinated by the arrival of new bands like the Beatles and the Stones. 

They began to practice in each others homes and take in clubs and dances listening to The Athenians, The Embers, and The Crusaders.  

Eventually they managed to get a booking at Portobello Youth Club in 1964.

Practices had been moved to a disused billiards hall on the top floor of Rutherford’s Bar in Leith Street.  It was hear that they were heard by the  owner of The Abbano Jazz Club in Waterloo Place. They agreed a deal for a regular Saturday night spot and within weeks they were drawing large crowds.

This led to regular club and dance hall gigs in Edinburgh as well as a busy schedule of out of town work throughout Central Scotland.

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